Saturday, October 24, 2009

it keeps snowing but it just won't stick

Been trying to stay on the down-low the past few days, keepin outta trouble and not spending money. That all came to an abrupt halt last night, we can now confidently state, and it was great seeing all of you in the process. The pre-shenanigans consisted of spending 13 hours driving back and forth through central Wisconsin, through slush and thick snow, tens of cars spinning out and slamming in the ditch, one nary missing the rear bumper of my company's mini-van by inches; we feel it's quite okay to slow down a bit and get to your destination just a few minutes later, trying to back off and look at the bigger picture that is. It's true that certain beverages are cheaper in the state off our starboard bow, rest assured we took full advantage of our geographic advantage position.

Just made brunch reservations at the triple rock with a friend just in from the EU. Haven't been there for food in a long while and just remembered that the past few times we have gone there the food sort of slacked off a bit from the taste we had gotten used to. Taste buds do change over time, perhaps that's the reason.

Oh yeah, the annual what-have-you has been formally posted; head over to Surly Blog for further guidance; two events if you look closely.

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