Friday, March 14, 2008

friday update

Kudos to the dentist for taking the 1st t-shirt giveaway competition - turns out he was there just two days prior for his own photo game - I should have known.

A HUGE thanks for those who have pledged to the multiple sclerosis 150-mile ride I'm doing this June. If you're looking for a tax deductible way to pledge to research towards a cure for MS, please consider helping out. I know there are lots of worthy causes out there and know you probably 'give at the office,' but even a few bucks means a lot.

Here's my current tally as of a few minutes ago:

Went and saw the bike pornography show last night. Overall the show was in good taste, with the one exception being the final video, which is likely in violation of at least 97 Utah state laws and will prevent me from ever sitting on a used seat again - I'll never condition my saddle the same way either.

Linden thinks this article is worthwhile, and on a non-related note - if you have any plastic lawn furniture in your backyard, and you live anywhere near Minnehaha Falls you might want to bring it indoors at night.

T-shirts are back in stock at Stroker Ace - stop by and get some.

beard comes off this weekend - stay tuned for updates.

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Me [LFoaB] said...

That's great news on your MS donations!

We were ready to pony up a couple bills but I spent it on spandexy bits for the soon-to-be-here warmer weather.

You gotta look the part, what can I say?