Friday, March 21, 2008

one more before the weekend

I've been interested in pushing the idea of car-pooling and other forms of transit for many years - since 1994 while living in Honolulu and seeing how bad traffic congestion affects people's daily lives. Well, I recently contacted Melissa from 494 Commuter Services and today had a meeting with her and a few 'higher-ups' from the human resources group at my workplace. The car-pooling option to me is a no-brainer, as the free service is already in existence, it's just people don't know about it - just type in your info and they match you up with others that have similar commutes based on your locations and times - did I mention it's free? I'm pushing to get a few reserved parking spots near the entrance for car-pooling only vehicles - that's a big incentive to the average person where I work.

I am personally pushing my company to install a set of 6 bike lockers, the same ones you see at MetroTransit park-and-rides, also to get a subsidized MetroPass, as well as a bus shelter to keep the waiting riders dry from the rain and out of the winter wind. The MetroPass option is fairly easy - the minimum monthly subscription is 5 people, and there are currently 3 people who ride the bus where I work (out of ~1,300), so getting 2 more people shouldn't be a problem. The bike locker issue is probably going to happen, with the help of a bit of subsidizing, while the bus shelter is likely a no-go, as we just don't have the ridership to get one at no cost, and the cost is in the 12-15k range - but time will tell.

Hey, if I can get a few people to quit driving their cars solo to work, I'll be happy. I'm told that the latest study by 494 Commuter Services shows 95% of Twin Cities commuters drive solo - that's just wrong. What are you doing to make a difference?


And this video just made me laugh out loud for about 20-seconds

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