Wednesday, February 20, 2008

another ice beard photo

I have to be honest, I'm not a weather person. I don't check the weather forecast and I feel the people at work talking about the weather should find something more worthwhile with their time. When I do check the weather it's mostly by riding by and looking up at the bank sign to see the drybulb temperature or looking at NOAA when I arrive somewhere if I thought it was hotter or colder than normal. So this morning I ride by and the sign says -11F(-24C), which is verified by the NOAA history page based on my commute time this morning. Layer up and it really doesn't matter what the temperature is over a fairly wide range - you just zip up if it's feeling colder and zip down when it's feeling warmer - easy enough. Oh, and if you can, grow a beard.

morning commute
sorry to be so redundant but I'm having fun.

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crispin said...

how long is your commute? That's alot of beard ice.