Monday, February 11, 2008

MS-150 - sponsorship requested

Once again I am riding a 150-mile (241 km) bicycle ride to raise money for multiple sclerosis. This ride cannot happen without pledges from people like you.

Last year I raised $1500 USD and rode a fixed gear bicycle over the 2-day event. I'll be riding a fixed gear bike again this year, I just haven't decided on which one to take. In 2007 I rode my now 20-year old yellow Trek 360, equipped with a front basket and saddle stereo - I think the stereo will have to make a comeback as it was a nice distraction to some of the more mundane scenery. [edit - riding my roadbike this year.]

None of this money goes to me or any of my teammates. This money is tax deductible - great for tax season! Anything helps - thanks in advance!

Feel free to spread the word.

2007 Team 1FS
2007 MS150 Team 1FS

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