Thursday, September 6, 2012

bicycles I've recently seen and/or rode

CVO's fatbike ride at the Dakota Five-Oh:
CVO's Dakota Five-Oh ride

Fat Chance spotted at the Five-Oh:
Fat Chance

The new Surly Krampus, I'll admit this is a fun bike to ride.  Not fast, but certainly fun.


Andy D. said...

So, how does the Krampus ride compared to a Pugsley or a Karate Monkey? It seems like a cross between the two. The Krampus is the bike currently burning a hole in my brain.

Marco Esteban said...

I've only ridden the Krampus twice now, and not for long a distance, so I don't want to chime in on that without more experience. I'd like the chance to ride the Krampus, Moonlander, and Pugsley all side-by-side. I did this for the latter two and the Moonlander was noticeably more responsive and agile, in fact the Pugsley felt like a tank in comparison.

See if a local dealer has one or more in stock and ride it, our local shop has had one of each size for demo use for a few weeks now.