Friday, April 8, 2011

the weekend is nearly upon us

Check. Check. One. Two. Three.

Well tomorrow morning is the Ragnarök-105, which despite the name is actually a 111-mile gravel road race. In no way am I ready to do 111-miles, especially considering the elevation profile up on the site. I rode my Pacer for the first time yesterday, putting on about 28-miles. It took me a second to realize the change of wheels does affect the computer's odometer, reminder to swap the magnet over tonight to make course navigation a bit easier. The shifting was a bit reluctant, and the big chain-ring became unobtainable after a few miles in, but these are things I'll work on tonight, as long as I remember to do so, of course.

So the course starts in Red Wing, at a golf course nonetheless; I was never accused of being a fan of golf, besides of course the occasional viewing of Caddyshack, but people are people and a big thanks for letting us use your lot for a start/stop spot.

Now do we leave tonight and camp nearby or do we leave at 0515 tomorrow and drive straight to the links? That's up in the air. More news to follow, following the following of the race.

By the way, I plan on being in the top 90% of riders when I hit the finish, so place your bets wisely and accordingly.

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jnorton said...

Brave heroes like you keep us mere mortals safely on the porch... I spent about nineteen minutes pissed I didn't make the cut for this race, then sighed. Working my way toward Almanzo.
Have a great ride, a safe ride, tomorrow.