Friday, November 19, 2010

a rant on a few topics but failure is our only option

Hunting season is upon us, I learn after spending 90-minutes wandering through Mills Fleet Farm the other night. In fact the WI stores are opening at 6am today to ensure you can "stock up on extra ammo" before your trip, as the friendly recorded announcement repeatedly reminded us shoppers.

Good luck out there and try not to kill too many of yourselves as you cowardly hide in a tree and shoot at things you think might make good food.

Here's an article from The Atlantic describing techniques on how to circumvent the TSA security process. It's a good thing we have the TSA to protect us, or these weapons carrying soldiers could have have made it back into the country with items such as fingernail clippers and a Gerber multi-tools.

There are other methods of 'security' out there, but like everything else our politicians touch, it's all about the money; expect no change to the status quo.

I take the train when possible. Like the trains and infrastructure themselves, the security is fifty years behind the times, but a sure invitation to stress-free travel.

On the brighter side, Girl Talk released a new album this week and is offering it as a free download. I recommend you get it and listen, you may not be disappointed.

Good luck out there.

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