Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Brown Steamroller and Red S&S'd Karate Monkey stolen

[update - both bikes recovered and the thieves caught]

Read this then get your used batteries and put them in a pillowcase. Ride around the city and find them.

O.K. everyone heres the deal my red flying monkey and brown steamroller just got stolen out of my garage one hour ago. Here is the brake down for the monkey: red surly 18" S&S coupled karate monkey, black torsion bar with red lettering, Kris holm rims on surly red hubs, and black surly cranks.
The Steamroller: Surly 56 cm brown steamroller the only real standout item on this bike are the wheels that zito gave me the hed Ardennes they say Chris Zito on the in side of the rims. Please tell everyone just stolen from my garage at 11:30 or so.

These are Nate's and he wants them back.

edit - better views of the red monkey on the Surly flickr page:


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