Monday, November 2, 2009

h1n1 weekend

We were gonna go and head out this weekend on the bicycle, when all of a sudden came down with the swine flu again. Decided it best to take public transportation down to the MOA and spend the day trying to break the fever whilst shopping and enjoying the hell out of the log ride. Sneezed a bit on the escalator hand hold, then had a few Orange Julii before calling it a night and sleeping in the Ikea parking lot so we could assure ourselves of first dibs on some fresh Swedish breakfast. Boy we're feelin' great now though!

There was some riding in the woods a few days ago, it turns out. These just got sent in late on the AP wire; must of had the machine all jammed up. It figures!

rounding the corner

lay it down clown

keepin it upright

Mach 5 rider

sharp right


go fuck yourself

The rest here.

And more here.

So it turns out a few items were left behind. If it's yours, contact the proper people or it gets thrown out, we've been told.

Thanks to the unnamed who went back and scrubbed the place clean. Next time pack out what you pack in; this ain't Nam, there are rules here.

Oh, and who was the woman that rode face first into the white pole at the top of the trail? Jesus.

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