Thursday, November 19, 2009

back to the points of the high life

So we are where we are, in this case nearing the end of the High Life points series. It's been a respectable effort, more than year of struggle got us our current 36540 points, at ten points a can; of course that's after we cashed in 7500 points for the sweet shirt that's broken the ice and cleared the way in innumerable otherwise deadlocked social engagements. Our only regret to date is the lack of points on the 18-packs, 16-, 24-, and 32-ounce cans. And let's not even bring up the absurdity of the points-less 7-ounce bottles.

These points, as amusing as they are to collect out of raging bonfires and dumpsters, ultimately require redemption, which leads us to the topic of choices: Dart board? LED Sign? Golf bag? We've already got a dart board, which is currently tied up in the round-robin alley tournament you've all been hearing about. LED sign looks cool, though it's not Neon. As far as the golf bag goes, we don't carry our own gear and we're not at all interested in making life easier on the help.

LED sign it is.

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Linden said...

I never get invited to those alley dart tournaments, so I wouldn't know what you are talking about.