Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer, 2009

So it's the start of another year of the Bicycle Film Festival. I think I'd prefer if Brent lined this up in MPLS so it hits when it's -20F outside; I'd be more likely to go sit in a theater that time of year.

I put a 30 lb bag of dog food on the front rack of the Glove Live tonight and it rode wonderfully. A side note, are aerobars really necessary on the bikeways around MPLS? I say probably not, but that's just our (my) opinion.

And finally, though it hurts me to break this to you, I just heard Michael Jackson passed away. I know, I know.


TOMMY GUN said...

Glove Live? Is that a reference to Michael Jackson?

Marco Esteban said...

with sequins