Thursday, May 7, 2009

frame sale - 54cm Surly Cross Check

Update: SOLD.

For sale: my Surly 54cm Cross Check frame, fork, and headset.

It's used and has a few scratches, but if you're one worried about scratches then just stop right now.

This frame took me through good times in fine weather,
Riding home from work, Duisburg

and more good times in other fine weather:
My Commute Home

I even took it with me to the EU for nine happy weeks a few years back; here we are in Köln:
Mark with his Surly before the Kölner Dom

This bike was rigged up with gears, single-speed, and fixed through various times while I had it; it runs like a champ. Bought new during the fall of 2005 during a height of impossible frame delivery from Surly - some bullshit story at the time about not enough forks in inventory.

I love it, but have a Handsome to deal with - can't keep 'em both.

But it now. It's 250 USD cash money and comes with a pair of fresh wool socks. Oh snap!

While you're pondering that, I've got a new site for you to check out - here's my favorite so far (some pics are NSFW, if that applies to you.)


Unknown said...

That one is pretty funny as well.

(Your blog is great! Useful and entertaining posts.)

climbhoser said...

Interested in your surly. I sent you an e-mail earlier.

You can e-mail me at my gmail or at

Yahoo gets me quicker (I don't check gmail as often).