Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spring has sprung

Linden is soon about to officially lose his bachelor status - enjoy it while you can sir, though I see you are.
The Friday night Stevil show ended up as usual; bike shop employees splayed all over the joint.

Moving on to Saturday night - I'm jealous of Kmac's new house in the north - anybody want to buy an upside-down mortgage from me so I can move up there?
...though I'd prefer my house not come with tree monkeys. Here's Gene not catching a beer. The way Stevil ended up, well, it wasn't me - I was downstairs and heard about it after the fact. I didn't catch the post photos, but a pre-sharpie tattoo image can be seen here.
My only regret of the weekend was not showing up earlier in the day; I missed the races at the neighbors house:

Thanks to Scott for posting this, and thanks for driving up from Lincoln for the 3-day.

Who wins the douchebag of the night award? This guy, holding his dick while peeing on my neighbors car in front of my house at 0230. Don't yell at me, you're the one waking up the neighborhood - go around to the side yard; piss quietly and I'll leave you alone. Oh and thanks for the suggestion, I will blog about it. Asshole.

And your asshole friends too. Go back to your fancy neighborhood in your fancy car - there's a Famous Dave's out there too.

Rode around Sunday with Melissa, Kristin, and Rich. Here's Melissa gliding through the park.
Melissa on the Motobecane

Didn't quite make it to the parade, but Rich was front and center for the float running over the woman accident - she was carried off in an ambulance, hope she recovers.

I built up my Handsome Devil this weekend.
The Devil frame, by Handsome

I've got a black, 54-cm Surly Cross-Check frame for sale, comes with fork and headset; talk to me.


scott showen said...

well worth the 6 hour drive, had tons o fun.

Linden said...


Wait til' you see Maggie's new grey CC... it turned out very nice.

How are you guys for a day ride down along Pepin on May 23th-25ish?