Sunday, November 23, 2008

the obligatory beer post

So remember how I mentioned that the High Life cruiser bike was no more? Well, some people are more visual than others; so if you're one of those people, here's a recap:
Told you so.

The 'Lucy', as they seem to officially call it, was equivalent to just over 129 cases of beer, and I guess there were enough people with ample points slip-streaming in the draft to attack - I should learn my lesson here but probably won't, I imagine. Still not sure what that lesson could be.

The good news is that I've sent off for the 'delivery guy' shirt, which required the redemption of 7500 hard earned points, or the equivalent to 31-cases and a 6-pack of the High Life. The better news is that I haven't slowed down in point collecting, with my sights now on the fleece jacket for winter time riding. The bad news is that the shirt takes 8-10 weeks to ship. Really? What the hell is going on behind the scenes at the points redemption HQ, I wonder? Terrified mass panic, I can only presume.

Shout out to those who selflessly gave me their points in the process up to now.

Now in the interest of keeping this post pointed towards the topic of beer, I would like to bring up the goal of finding my first Hopslam of the season.
The official site claims the beer is available "January 7th through February", so why are people telling me they're seeing it pop up already? Since I have yet to see this in person, I am forced to take these recent claims as unsubstantial and outside the realms of arguability.

In the meantime, I've been enjoying the 'Two Hearted', as well as a bit of the 'Hell Hath No Fury' ale, also offered by Bell's, and both being a meal in themselves.

Speaking of Ales, I seem to remember that I have no fewer than eight 'nip' bottles of Thomas Hardy's Ale aging nicely in my abode, all of which dated from 1990, plus a few more with a more recent date stamp. What am I waiting for, you might ask? A sign from above, I suppose, thought there could be deeper psychological implications here.

In other news, winter is going to hit soon. There was a bit of snow on the ground yesterday, though it's mostly gone by now. In fact, the ride home on Friday night found two of us crunching on lake ice as we attempted to take a shortcut that ultimately led on a backtracking session, on foot, down in the god-fearing regions of the inner burbs. We quickly removed ourselves from the danger of the thin ice, it's safe at this time to report, though it was quite over a shallow region of the lake - dang early darkness issues with untested trails.

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chris alme said...

I too anxiously await the Hop Slam arrival. To quench that hoppy itch in the interim, try this:

A co-worker and I sampled some of these recently, and I must say they were quite nice!