Tuesday, November 4, 2008

get out and vote people

So it's time to go out and vote. Hopefully you've already done so - either by getting to the polls early or by absentee or early voting. I made it to the polls 20 minutes prior to opening and was out 45 minutes later - but I bypassed a lot of people once I got my ballot because I knew what to expect ahead of the game - see previous post. I was voter 56 in my ward - when I left there were 200+ in a line going around two corners of the block. Shit, I then biked 10 miles and was at work by 8am - how more patriotic can a person get in one day?

You haven't voted yet? No problem.

In Minnesota - the polls are open till 8pm - if you're not yet registered in MN, you can do so today at your polling place. This is fairly unique as far as US states go, so if you are dragging your feet because you're not registered - get to the polls now. Bring some form of identification that shows you live where you do or if you can't do that, it's OK to have a friend or neighbor vouch for you in person - yep, also fairly unique. Just a few more reasons MN is such a great place to live.

If the lines at the polls are long - stay there! Do not give up and go home! Don't think your vote doesn't count because that's bullshit. Remember, it's legal for you to skip work in the morning of election day to vote - "Minnesota voters may take time off from their job without a penalty or reduction in wages on the morning of Election Day to vote." See answers to more frequently asked questions here.

Not sure where to vote? Go here - it tells you. If you're in another state, just Google the name of your state along with "secretary of state" and bingo people - it's that easy.

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chris alme said...

i was in a similar boat: arrived 5 mins prior to polls opening, voted w/ in 20 mins, biked 20 to work...i'm feeling patriotic too!