Wednesday, November 12, 2008

all over the place - state cx champs this weekend

So I spent last weekend in the good city of St. Louis, down in Missoura - That's part of the "real America", based on the election just a week ago. It was a good time for me to get back to my city of birth in the show-me-state TM. I found the urban areas to be fitting to my needs, finding a more than adequate vinyl store, also liking the ability to purchase High Life in a 32-ounce can at the 7-eleven, on a Sunday even. Now that's 1-quart of liquid goodness, and while it comes with no points for my sweet swag, it comes with a few street cred points for picking up a large-boy in the part of town that I did it in.

The bicycle infrastructure seemed to be more than adequate, based on my short stay, though I didn't see a whole lot more than the weekend roadie types. I was more impressed with the architecture seen in the city - the copper Gothic roof tops, the abundance of brick houses, slate shingles, and basic city life - it's a good thing.

St. Louis bike lane

Let's go somewhere else for a moment. If I was known as "The Heathen", these are a few of the things I would be saying on a daily basis - some on the phone, some via text, and sometimes in person:
what's the soup?

poop in a bucket.
Now then, I haven't been much of a "mountain bike rider" in this lifetime, but I now have a single speed version of that style bicycle recently built up from parts collected in the course of nearly 2-years. This vehicle is equipped with disc brakes of the hydraulic type, and while they seem to work quite well, I do need to trim the cables down a bit from their out-of-box dimensions. And what's the deal with the lack of disc cable guides on the frame I ask. A couple on the top tube would make ones life a bit richer, not minding the two on the non-drive side seat stays of course. Photos and more description in the weeks ahead, but I'll tell you I've done a few sweet wheelies up to now and am aching for a bit more. I have to mention that the addition of the brakes are new - the other night I was riding around the complete bike minus said brakes and I have to make an official announcement that I made it home and into bed with no significant incidents that I can recall up to now.

OK - I'll be spending the weekend and next week in the EU, possibly for the last time in a while. I apologize in advance for any entries that may come during that time. Strike that, seems as if there's a change of plans.

So it now looks like I'll be able to attend the state cyclocross race this weekend at Bassett creek park. See you there.

Peace and remember: Yes we can. Usually anyway.


Bloodclot said...

"I know..."

Me [LFoaB] said...

Blog about Beer man, just Beer, only Beer.

Looks good on ya.

61 and sunny here today, been approached by a buncha West Coast chicks on Fixies, they know of me and my Excellence.

The Legend continues...

The Minneapolis wasn't big 'nuff for The LFoaB.