Monday, January 14, 2008

Rachel Dow

Rachel Dow was a friend and she is dearly missed by so many of us.

Rachel Dow

There will be a memorial service for Rachel on Thursday at the Soo Visual Arts Center at 2640 Lyndale from 3-5pm with an after gathering TBA. Until then, I'm finding comfort in being close to those who also knew her.

Here is a small set of photos I took of Rachel just last month, the night we built up her winter fixed gear bicycle.

There's a nice story on Rachel here.

[edit] - I should say that the cause of Rachel's death was hypothermia after accidentally falling through the ice along the Mississippi river. There was no evidence of foul play. While it hurts to know she is gone, it hurts slightly less knowing it was an accident and the tragedy was not compounded by other factors.

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Unknown said...

This so unbelieveably sucks. It sucked when the word started to spread through blogs and forums and it sucked even worse when the papers started reporting on the outcome. It just sucks from end to the other.

-stacey graham