Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday in Delhi

Took a few shots with my camera phone, my SLR isn't getting too much use here.

Cargo bikes abound, seemingly countless:
Hauling three compressed gas tanks

Another rickshaw

One of countless riskshaws in Delhi

Bonus shot of a commuter near the capitol city:

Rashtrapati Bhaven, the Presidential Palace.

These wild monkeys running around the palace grounds, according to my friend Dibyendu, know more about politics than any of the elected officials.

Had a day off due to a holiday, now it's back to work.

Edit: A brief story on the monkeys: it turns out they are smart enough to visit the Old Delhi zoo on busy days when people pour alcohol on a particular statue of a god.  The alcohol washes down into a drain, where the thirsty monkeys are waiting downstream, eager to lap up the wine and liquor cocktail.  Now that these wild monkeys are good and inebriated, they spend their time taunting the caged animals, stirring up mayhem but knowing they cannot be touched on the other side of the bars.  There are a few recent articles in the India Times discussing how there should be a stop to this, but nothing so far.

In other news, fourteen people seems to be towards the high end of the capacity limit on a three-wheeled auto rickshaw.

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