Monday, April 2, 2012

55cm Handsome Devil Frame & Fork - $250

Update - SOLD

55cm Handsome Devil frame and fork for sale, $300 $250 firm.  This thing will bring true happiness to your life.  Build it up single speed, fixed gear, or use the derailleur hanger to put all sorts of gears on it.  I bought this new from the first batch of frames made by Ben and Jesse.  

Here she was a while back while parked in front of the CRC, when Lyndale Avenue was torn up for a period lasting as long as they damn well felt like it.  Plenty of room for fenders, eyelets front and rear racks, cantilever brake stays, two bottle mounts, and a "666" in the serial number. 
Marks Handsome Devil

Fully equipped with stick-on head tube moustache:
Marks Handsome Devil

Same frame, in brighter light:
The Devil frame, by Handsome

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Lyn Jacobs said...

I'm interested in the frame. email me please: