Friday, November 18, 2011

rage against the machine

After the recent move, my clothing is mostly stuffed in various boxes laying around the house, but I think I chose a good combination for the ride in this morning.  It's important to keep an extra pair of gloves, hat, and socks in the backpack this time of year as you never know what's in store around the corner.

I never got too far into the cassette format, sure I made a mix tape or two, but I've always preferred to listed to entire albums; I made the jump from LP to CD back to LP and have no regrets.  This one should take a few of us back to the day, depending on how young you are inside:

In other news, what's the best way to break up a non-violent protest?  Why, violence and rage, of course!  With every 84-year old woman the police pepper spray, the movement gets stronger.

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Banjo Eric said...

Feedtime! Hells yeah. I have Suction on LP.