Monday, August 15, 2011

Powderhorn 24 race recap

The Powderhorn 24 hour race happened this weekend.

Some clowns put up a jump at stop 1.5 - and even better is that riders kept hitting it after the hill climb!

It rained hard for about an hour, starting at about 2am, but that didn't stop riders from pushing through, including solo rider Dan during the Nice Ride bonus lap:
0216 Dan on the Nice Ride

The race ended promptly at 7pm Saturday night, and all racers and spectators rushed to get to the main checkpoint prior to the cutoff.
Josh on his final lap

Less than a minute to spare with a skid finish!

Tim here rode solo in the men's category and hit 340 miles in the 24-hour time allotted. I rode the coarse a few times, and the most I've ever ridden at once is 150-miles, though that was from point-to-point, not seeing the same thing twice. Riding hundreds of miles (which many did here) over a roughly 4-mile coarse filled with a dozen or more stop signs and red lights is leaning on the verge of crazy. All the stops and starts takes a beating on your legs and knees - there were a few people holding their knees during the race. You've got to be hurting today - take a rest, you've earned it.

Click for big.

Until the next big event starting this Thursday...

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Laura said...

Thanks SO much for working hard and taking photos of the race! You got some good ones of me hustling through stop 2. I'm skull socks, and my partner and I were the only all-female team this year. Nice to meet you.

Definitely coming out next year...