Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This weekend

Lots and lots to do this weekend. If you're in town, do yourself a favor and go watch the MN Fixed Gear Classic up at the Velodrome - very impressive athletes and a lot of fun to be a spectator - I'm sorry that I'm missing it this year.

Here's a 2009 promo video of the FGC; that crash is gnarly:

I was signed up for the Dirty Benjamin, but the sharp pain in my knee is lingering from that wretched landing I made on the 3-story rooftop slide at the City Museum two weeks ago, so I'm going to the Dirt Burger 3 instead. Sure I plan on riding the trails, but there's no way I'm pulling out of the Bucketball World Championships bout, the stakes are simply too high to miss - check your local listings for live coverage, I'm pretty sure it'll be covered on ESPN 8 - el ocho.

[Update - Go here for the low-down and stuff.]
Thanks to Surly for the image.

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