Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Your Weekly Hump-day Snowmobile Post

I'll be honest, I miss the snow, though am looking forward to the summer and all activities associated with the season. Back to the topic of snow though, I never knew until a few moments ago that driving your snowmobile up the side of a mountain to the peak was a sport.

This video of a guy driving his snowmobile up the side of a mountain to the peak contains about nine different levels of stoopid, in fact it's hard to comprehend that the guy does what he does after he reaches the top and dismounts his sled - what's a sport snowmobile weigh, 500 pounds?

If this guy had up to this event realized that momentum is the product of mass and velocity, he wouldn't have played the cowboy and attempted to lasso that bronco down. But I guess it takes a certain type of personality to even be in this sort of situation in the first place.

I've got sunburned calves from yesterday's ride. Damn.

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