Saturday, January 8, 2011

get 'em while they're hot

First up, the Almonzo 100 registration is now open through the end of the month; get your postcard in and hit the gravel. Kit not required, though who doesn't need another jersey? I think I'm leaning towards the 100, by the way.

Next, the Evil jersey is available, but you'd better act quick as the last day to order is the 15th. Yes, there is a "fuck off" and "hail satan" printed on the jersey, so plan your wearing schedule accordingly.
Thirdly, who doesn't get excited when they see a late '70s Trans-Am? I sure as hell do and I can't pass up this opportunity to own a wool edition of the Bandit jacket. Expensive as it is, I shouldn't have ordered one, but this is one of those things I'd regret 10-years from now, much like that 50mm f1.4 I didn't get when in Tokyo back in 1996.
Fourthly, Hurl has all his in-stock tires at 50% off for the entire month of January. I hit him up for some fresh MTB tires earlier today and I recommend you do the same sooner than later.

Finally, school-bus-sandwich races are a go!

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scott showen said...

that school bus video makes me want to drink a shit ton of busch lite.