Sunday, February 7, 2010

Stupor Bowl XIII, a few images

Jeff of Philly; no pain, no gain for the men's stupor champ.
Jeff from Philly

Carrie (L) took 1st place stupor female, while The Buzzard took 3rd in speed; two of the finest women riders in Minneapolis, we say:
Carrie and the Buzzard

Jeff gets 1st place speed, beating the runner-up by 18-minutes!
Jeff from Bikejerks

1st place women's speed race goes to Fiona; she will eat you up on the streets or trails alike:

Of course, everybody is a winner on Stupor Bowl!
you and the gang

The rest here.

The great thing about stupor bowl weekend of course is the people; friends and acquaintances coming together, some we haven't seen in a year or more.

Until next time, watch those ice ruts and keep several eyes out for the minefield of potholes - freaking deadly out there.

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good recap, and thanks!