Sunday, December 20, 2009

mindless drivel, part 37

We hadn't visited Rustica when it was located more south, alongside Jack's, but we've been hitting it once a week for the fresh hard crusted bread and cookie selection since they relocated a short time ago. Bull Run coffee is now alongside; best espresso in town, and that's repeatable son. The location is a bit on the strip-mall-get-there-in-your-new-Volvo-SUV club, though the upper-middle class portion of the Assaultway™ butts up along the back side. No matter, give it a go.

Haven't posted any photos in a while. One of our avid readers spotted us departing headquarters for a bit of holiday shopping this past weekend. Keepin' it to the curb side on the tractor ride; yeah, it's cruise control equipped. Looking at the picture, Leon should probably raise his seat a bit.

No can stackers out there? Weak. Loaded the crap out of that trailer though.

Speaking of which, we ran into Hurl at the discount Liq'R today at lunch. The guy's got class, you gotta admit.

In other news, our bigoted gov'na has been busy digging to the bottom of the sanctorum bucket as he attempts to woo his base with fear, ignorance, and hatred. Good luck to ya, buddy.

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TOMMY GUN said...

just had the tires rotated on that thing. Should be good to go for tonight's Beard Off Progress Report...