Monday, July 16, 2007

get your sticker on!

Get your "I Bike MPLS" sticker now - shoot me an email or visit Stroker Ace.

I Bike MPLS sticker

about 52 x 69 mm in size - that's more than 3500 square millimeters!

$1 per sticker.

Order 5, I send you 6.


ann-marie said...

I love the 'I Bike MPLS' sticker. I saw it posted up at the Weinery in the west bank neighborhood. Googled to see where I could find one. I'd love to snag some, but don't really understand the pay pal thing. To send money you just enter an email address?

I'd like to send one to a friend in the UK who thought mpls was great for all of its bikes.

Marco Esteban said...
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Eric Thor said...

can you get these stickers in the vertical stretch like the image on the top of your page? email me at

Unknown said...

I can see that this post is sooooooooooo old : 6 years, so i'm not sure those stickers are still available.
I'm French and I spent a year (2006-2007) in MN and i loved it.
Since i'm found of biking, of course i biked MN !!!
I would LOVE to purchase stickers, a black woman tshirt (size L) and a man grey sweatshirt (size M so it would be a bit large for me right ?).
Do you know if this would be possible, I would pay via Paypal I guess, but i would like to be sure it would be possible for you to send it to France.
Hope you'll get to read this message, and that i'll have an answer.
Take care.

Marco Esteban said...




Put a note on the order mentioning the stickers and I'll make sure they're sent as well.